Why Donate My Vehicle?

Research evaluated by the National Economic Development and Law Center and the Ann E. Casey Foundation in the guide, Shifting Into Gear, shows that car ownership by low-income individuals results in more hours worked, increased earnings, as well as a decrease in dependency on welfare programs.

A mother and her two school aged daughters stand in front of a car with a giant bow on the hood

If you’re considering donating your old car, you’ve come to the right place! But we recognize that you may have questions or concerns about car donation and whether it’s the right choice for you. 

Why should I donate my vehicle instead of sell?

  1. When you no longer need or want your old vehicle, you have an opportunity to still put it to good use, and make a positive impact in the lives of others in need in your community. Vehicles received by Good Neighbor Garage are evaluated to determine how they may best be used (see below).
  2. A vehicle donation to Good Neighbor Garage also provides tax savings to you, as contributions are deductible for Federal and Colorado tax purposes.

What will you do with my vehicle?

Simply put, our first choice is to get the vehicle to a woman in need, something that sets us apart from other car donation programs. Hands will use your Denver car donation to our charity in one of three ways:

  1. We may provide minor repairs to safe and reliable vehicles (if needed), then it will be provided to a single mother or widow in need. We look for vehicles that will be safe and reliable for a minimum of two years. 

  2. If it is in need of major repairs and not safe to drive, it will be used for parts or sold with the proceeds going to provide repairs for women in need!
  3. If we receive a vehicle that is valued at $5,000 or above, we will make an internal judgment whether that vehicle should be placed with a woman in need, or it should be sold so we can help several women through that gift.
A mother and son are surprised and excited looking at a car given to them
a woman stands in front of a car celebrating

Why should I donate to your program?

The simple answer is that donating to Hands’ means that you’ll have a high impact on a local level. 

Most organizations that accept car donations do not actually use the vehicles to carry out their mission, rather they sell the cars as soon as possible to raise additional funds to support their activities. At Hands’ Good Neighbor Garage Program, we have a full service repair shop and certified mechanics on site. We have the opportunity to evaluate the donated vehicles, repair them if needed, and put them back into the community through our vehicle placement program. Cars donated to Hands’ Good Neighbor Garage Program directly impact lives in the Denver community through our repair and car placement program.

"I highly recommend donating a vehicle through Hands of the Carpenter. My wife and I feel good that her car went to a family that really needs it. It's more than just a tax write-off. The staff at Hands were great to work with and they gave us nice feedback regarding the family that ultimately benefitted from it."
Don N.
Recently donated his car to Hands!

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