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Vehicle Repair Program

Vehicle repairs are often unexpected and costly. The Hands of The Carpenter Vehicle Repair Program focuses on providing single moms and other women in need with much-needed car repairs at a greatly reduced cost. We are currently requiring clients to pay 35% of the total repairs. This contribution is a way for each woman we serve to participate in the help we will offer to the next woman.

Two mechanics work on the engine of a car in the garage

Types of Repairs

  • Our main focus is the safety and longevity of the vehicle 
  • Hands of The Carpenter does not do the following repairs through the program:
    • Rebuild or replace transmissions
    • Rebuild or replace engines
    • Repairs and vehicle damages that are a result of an accident or vandalism
    • Make repairs on vehicles with an ignition interlock device or breath alcohol ignition interlock device (IID and BAIID)
    • note: AC repairs at 70% of retail value
A young woman holding her small child is standing in front of a car and smiling, the car has a giant bow on the hood

Program Requirements

Applicant Requirements:

  • Applicants must be single women residing in Jefferson County*
  • Applicants must be valid legal drivers, and must be able to prove it with the following documents:
  • Current valid driver’s license
  • Current and valid vehicle registration (Must be registered in client’s name)
  • Current and covered insurance
*For program qualification purposes, a single woman is someone who identifies as as woman and is financially supporting herself; who may be caring for dependents on her own; is a widow; is separated from her spouse but not divorced; is divorced; (a single person may share a living space with roommate(s) who each maintain separate financial responsibility. She may be dating (but not living with) a partner and would still be eligible for the Hands program. 

Please note that Hands’ programs are not free, the applicant is responsible for part of the cost. Check the Placement or Repair program pages for details.

Vehicle Ownership Requirement:

  • Currently we ask that the client has owned the vehicle for at least six months and are on the registration

Type of Vehicle Requirements:

  • 2000 and newer vehicles
  • Non–luxury, Non-sport
Two young women are standing in front of a car with a giant bow on the hood, they are smiling

Payment Details

Hands’ Vehicle Repair Program is not free:

  • Currently we require the client to pay 35% of the Total Authorized Repairs, plus sales tax.
  • Tires, batteries and towing is charged at 50%.
  • Payment is due at the time of pick up once the approved repairs are complete
  • Client will be asked about her ability to pay for on-going vehicle related costs (i.e. gas, maintenance, insurance, annual registration)
  • We will offer 4 oil changes a year at $15 each. If the client comes to 3 out of the 4 visits, we will offer repairs the second year at 50%. After the second year, the client graduates from our program. (see details here)

How does the Vehicle Repair Program work?

Please note that due to demand, the program fills up and we have to close down the application process until more vehicles are available. You may always check back here to see if it is open.


If you meet the guidelines above, please begin the application process with the button below.

Send in Documents

If you complete the application successfully, you will receive instructions on how to send in:
(1) current driver’s license,
(2) proof of insurance, and
(3) current vehicle registration showing proof of ownership.

We Contact You

Once your application package is complete (only after documents from Step 2 are received), you will be contacted by our Client Services Manager to go over next steps.

Inspection & Estimate

Upon approval, we get the vehicle to one of our authorized repair shops, complete a thorough inspection, and generate an estimate that will be presented in order of priority. A time and price estimate will be offered.


Once authorized by you, the client, repairs will begin.

Vehicle Repair Program - Apply Now!

Unfortunately, if you are not a Jefferson County Resident, we will not be able to serve you unless you are a referral from one of our existing nonprofit partners.