Vaxhide – Loves Hands Passion and Support!

Vaxhide (Va-shi-da) moved to the United States as a refugee from Kosovo at a young age. A few years ago, after living in an abusive marriage, she became a single mom supporting her son on her own. It was not until she was at Beyond Home, a non-profit organization that partners with Hands that she learned about Hands’ services.

In May 2021, Beyond Home referred Vaxhide to Hands to determine the causes of her car’s many issues. The Hands automotive staff were able to perform repairs to make it safe and reliable. However, this was short lived, and it ended up breaking down again. Hands recommended that they watch for a donated car that would meet her needs. She was really worried about not having a reliable vehicle because she needed to get to her work study at Metropolitan State College where she is studying communications while caring for her twelve-year-old son.

Vaxhide noted, “Transportation is necessary for us to have as both me and my son attend school and have activities that require for us to have a good and reliable vehicle.”

On 7/8/22, Hands placed her with a 2006 Mazda 3 vehicle. She exclaimed, “Hands of Carpenter was beyond amazing and supportive during this whole ordeal! It was not only that they provide me with a safe and reliable vehicle, but they took my broken-down car to an auction and surprised me by reducing the price of my new car from the proceeds of the sale.”

Vaxhide was extremely grateful that Hands went above and beyond in providing a car and offering warm, caring support. “Hands is passionate about helping working single moms strive in everything they do!”


Thanks to everyone who helps Hands of The Carpenter provide hope through transportation! Your generosity via gifts, car donations, volunteer hours and more allow us to reach more local women in need.

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