Tell a Friend

"I can't thank you enough for making this opportunity possible. My new van is wonderful and I am so grateful to be able to transport my kids safely in a reliable vehicle. Thank you so much and God bless!"
A woman stands in front of a car smiling

If you believe in the work that Hands of The Carpenter is doing, tell a friend! Sharing with your church, your social or civic club, coworkers or your friends, family and neighbors extends our reach and the number of women we can serve! 

The Hands community of Champions is expanding the organization’s reach through connections to others in the community, which often lead to increased volume in: 

  • Donations of cash and in-kind financial resources
  • Offers for volunteer service in our repair shop, at events, or on the board of directors 
  • Vehicle donations 
  • Attendance at Hands’ events 
  • Helping Hands find new resources for expansion (shop location, funding partners, etc.) 
  • Connecting us to potential clients needing Hands’ services 

Ultimately, Hands can serve more people as more people connect with and support the cause. We would love if you could share about Hands with others. 

Feel free to share about us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email newsletters, etc. The more we get the word out, the more women who will be helped.