Tameka – Furthering Her Career

Tameka is a single parent to a 16-year-old son still at home and helping with several grandchildren. She is a busy woman keeping up with a teenager and working full-time. To further her career, Tameka applied earlier this year for a college scholarship and was able to obtain $4,000 for the first year attending Western Governors University and working towards a B.S. in Health Care Coordination.

When vehicle problems started creating significant obstacles for her, Tameka applied to Hands in August through Cross Purpose, a great like-minded nonprofit Hands partners with.  Her car at the time needed significant repair, including the transmission. The total cumulative cost for all the needed repairs was greater than the vehicle’s value so it was mutually decided that the best way forward was with a different vehicle.

In October, Cross Purpose and Hands worked together through a pilot program to jointly support Tameka’s purchase of a car. We settled on a 2013 Ford Escape.  The Hands technicians completed the necessary work to ensure it was safe and reliable.  Tameka took ownership in November 2022!!

Hands’ Client Services Team and Automotive Services Team worked hard for Tameka, as they do with each and every client. Hands will continue to provide Tameka with hope for a brighter future for her family as the vehicle is maintained and repaired (no more transportation obstacles!) for the next three years and she practices good car care habits.


Thanks to everyone who helps Hands of The Carpenter provide hope through transportation! Your generosity via gifts, car donations, volunteer hours and more allow us to reach more local women in need.

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