Shermaine – Joy Is In the Air

Shermaine is an infectiously joyful single mother of two daughters, ages 14 & 5. She came to Hands in mid-2022 through a referral from a partner nonprofit, Bridge of Hope, through whom she was able to stabilizing her housing situation after leaving an abusive relationship. She took lots of classes and learned everything she could to better herself for her daughters. She began working for a moving company in June 2022 where she is a coordinator/dispatcher, creating quotes and scheduling moves out of state or locally.

When Shermaine came to Hands she had been getting her children to school and herself to work using Uber and spending $300 each week. With support from Bridge of Hope and Hands’ affordable pricing, in February 2023, Shermaine was placed in a 2007 Ford 500 that only had been driven 87,000 miles. She was cautious and asked Crystal if a friend who knows cars could ask some questions. With Shermaine’s permission, Crystal spoke to the friend and even invited her to come for the test drive.

Shermaine’s car has enabled her to save on her transportation costs and put money towards other needs for her girls. They love having more time to be with each other and not having to worry about affording to get to work, appointments, or just having some fun. The car may even enable her to seek better paying employment in the future.

Her enthusiasm and appreciation oozed out as she spoke about her experience with Hands, “Crystal is amazing! Her patience was so kind and helpful. Communications were great while I waited for a car and the whole process was so smooth, not chaotic as I’ve experienced at other places. Shermaine loves life, and found plenty of reasons to find joy at Hands of The Carpenter.


Thanks to everyone who helps Hands of The Carpenter provide hope through transportation! Your generosity via gifts, car donations, volunteer hours and more allow us to reach more local women in need.

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