Pricilla – Amazed by Hands’ Service!

Priscilla came in for service in March 2024. She learned about Hands through an online moms’ group where she heard a question about getting a decently priced oil change. Someone responded with information about Hands and the oil change promotion. Priscilla was thrilled to own her own car for about two years, but it was starting to experience some issues. She thought that she had a warranty to take care of a $1200 repair quote, but she didn’t. She went to Hands’ website and read all about the programs and submitted an application for the oil change and vehicle evaluation service. She quickly moved from the oil change into TLC to get several items addressed, and now is in the Lift UP program for on-going service for three years. She was overjoyed exclaiming, “I just couldn’t wrap my mind around people who were so willing to help.”

Priscilla needed a working vehicle to maintain her employment as a medical support technician with Common Spirit. She has worked in the healthcare arena for over 20 years. The car also is vital for her to support her high school daughter’s activities, including taking a bunch of AP classes, theater, choir, Westernaires and even has a part-time job on top of all that.

Priscilla loves life with her daughter and friends. For fun she loves to sing, line dance, play pickleball, do activities through her church and small group, enjoy live music/concerts, cooking and go hiking with her dogs. She has two dogs and two cats. She loves them a lot! Hands of The Carpenter is helping Priscilla fulfill her responsibilities, care for her family, and keep on a healthy and fun path. For all this, she is deeply grateful and counts her blessings daily.


Thanks to everyone who helps Hands of The Carpenter provide hope through transportation! Your generosity via gifts, car donations, volunteer hours and more allow us to reach more local women in need.

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