Tameka – Current Hands Client!

Hands Complimentary Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Connect with Hands of The Carpenter (Hands) BEFORE you purchase a vehicle so that we can help you assess the true condition of the vehicle you plan to trust for safety and reliability for your family.


Hands is a local nonprofit that wants to help remove obstacles that working single moms (you) face raising your children alone. We are laser focused on the obstacle of transportation.


We understand that reliable transportation is one significant obstacle that prevent working single mothers (you) from accessing opportunities that exist for both you and your children.


Just click the link below, provide some basic information and we will contact you to talk about your vehicle shopping journey and how to schedule your complimentary pre-purchase inspection.

Amber - Current Hands Client!

Complimentary Pre-Purchase Inspection

We are aiming to help working single moms with an vehicle inspection BEFORE purchasing a used vehicle.

Please help us know what is working and what is not!
I affirm that I am a single mother with one or more dependent children at home(Required)
Hands' mission is to serve working single moms.
I affirm that I will be the owner* of the vehicle being inspected(Required)
*It is ok if it is financed, but it has to be yours (by title/registration), not owned/titled in someone else's name.
Are you currently employed?(Required)
How soon are you planning to purchase a vehicle?(Required)
It will be necessary to plan a day to schedule the vehicle to be evaluated.
The best location to serve you(Required)
Maybe obvious, but thought we'd mention that the current vehicle owner will need to allow you to drive the vehicle (or drive it themselves) to our location for the inspection. The inspection time (with an appointment) is about an hour - plus your drive time. We highly recommend that If they don't allow it, don't proceed.
What type of vehicle are you considering(Required)
What is your general budget for a vehicle purchase?(Required)
Where are you planning to shop for your vehicle?
How are you planning to purchase the vehicle?(Required)
For Example: 10 year old Ford Explorer or Honda Accord
In this section, please let us know anything you are hoping or planning related to the vehicle search/purchase.