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Hands Complimentary Oil Change and Evaluation

Connect with Hands of The Carpenter BEFORE you have emergency car repairs, and let us help keep you on the road to self-sufficiency!


Hands is a local nonprofit that wants to help remove obstacles that working single moms (you) face raising your children alone. We are laser focused on the obstacle of transportation.


We understand that reliable transportation is one significant obstacle that prevent working single mothers (you) from accessing opportunities that exist for both you and your children.


Just click the link below, provide some basic information and we will contact you to schedule your complimentary oil change and full vehicle evaluation!

Christa (and boys) - Current Hands Client!

Complimentary Oil Change & Vehicle Evaluation

Please help us know what is working and what is not!
I affirm that I am a single mother with one or more dependent children at home(Required)
Hands' mission is to serve working single moms.
I affirm that I am the owner* of the vehicle(Required)
*It is ok if it is financed, but it has to be yours (by title/registration), not a borrowed vehicle owned by someone else.
Are you currently employed?(Required)
Please Select The Weekdays You Are Available (Monday - Friday)(Required)
While we cannot promise these a certain day but we will certainly do what we can to try and honor your choices!
In general, on the day(s) I am available above, the best time(s) would be:
Please plan on spending 60 minutes in our very comfortable waiting room. It is fine to bring your kid(s) or work!
The best location to serve you
Maybe obvious, but thought we'd mention that the vehicle needs to be drivable. We are unable to tow a vehicle to get the oil change & inspection!
For Example "2010"
For Example: Ford Explorer or Honda Accord
(temporary plates are ok too)
In this section, please let us know anything you are experiencing that may be wrong with your vehicle. Include things that you might see, feel or smell that aren't ordinary for your vehicle. Also, is there anything "quirky" you think we should know about =o)