Michelle: A story of Hope. Dedication. Inspiration.

Michelle is a dedicated person who needed Hands’ help to maintain her employment and provide safe transportation for her two children and grandson. Unfortunately, several years ago Michelle’s marriage ended because of her husband’s drinking and abuse and she was left to raise her children on her own. Through the years she consistently worked hard to provide for her family. Last year she obtained a vehicle from a relative who said it was in good condition. She quickly discovered that was not the case. Michelle was looking at several thousand dollars in repairs.

She knew she had to find a way to make the car safe so she could get to work and transport her children to school or work, and her grandson to childcare and for fun activities. Car problems had occasionally caused her to miss shifts because it was not safe for her to take public transportation late at night after getting off work. Also, her son took RTD to school until the day he got jumped getting off a bus. She asked her pastor, Ruben Rodriguez, at Mountair Christian Church if he had any suggestions. He did because Mountair has been a Hands church champion. He put Michelle in touch with Hands to assess the vehicle. The exam determined it would not be worth Michelle’s and Hands’ resources to repair. She was invited to be placed on the list to obtain a previously owned car donated to Hands. Thanks to the generosity of a champion who provided a 2007 Chevy Impala and of the skilled technicians at one of Hands’ 16 partner shops – Merrill Automotive in Lakewood, she received her new car in March. Since then Michelle has loved keeping her car squeaky clean and returning it for maintenance work such as her oil change. At one appointment, her three-year-old grandson told the technician, “This is my car,” and gave it a big hug.

When Michelle was initially told about Hands she wondered, “Is this for real.” She quickly found the help and hope given by the Hands staff was real and that it was a partnership in which she got to participate. Michelle has done her part by gladly providing required documents to enter the program, saving for the car, and keeping in touch for maintenance. Now she is the proud and grateful owner of a safe and reliable car, which makes it possible to provide for her family.

Single women in need come to Hands who are fearful for their families’ well-being because of the lack of a reliable car. Financial gifts are the “fuel” that make stories like Michelle’s possible. If you’ve joined in this important work with previous contributions – Thank you! And thanks for your consideration of support today to provide HOPE while solving and preventing vehicle crisis issue for single women in need who are striving to be economically self-sufficient.

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Thanks to everyone who helps Hands of The Carpenter provide hope through transportation! Your generosity via gifts, car donations, volunteer hours and more allow us to reach more local women in need.

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