Jamia: A Young Woman’s Journey

Jamia has been on such a journey in her life, she had lived in foster care from the age of 5 to 18 years old. She overcame the rough patches of her past, and when she turned 18 years old and legal age, she left foster care and moved from Kansas City, KS to Colorado in December of 2019. Jamia settled in Colorado, and shortly after, she became pregnant. This is her first time as a mom, alone to raise a baby on her own, and being unfamiliar with Colorado, she had to overcome a few obstacles. Jamia joined the CASA of Jefferson & Gilpin County programs who have helped to get her on track with a job and a place to live. It was through her mentor from CASA that she found out about Hands, and applied for the vehicle placement program.

We’re excited to share that on April 12th, Jamia was placed in a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. For the first time, she lives on her own and now owning a vehicle has been exciting for her. When Jamia gave birth in April, she named her little girl “Jurney” in reference of her own journey and experiences. She is thankful for the support she has received from her mentor and Hands.

“I am now on a new journey as a first-time mom, but with having a vehicle to cut down the use of public transit, I will be able to transport my baby to doctor appointments, and to daycare when I return from maternity leave,” she says. Jamia expresses her gratitude for this great opportunity Hands offers to single moms.

Jamia : A Young Woman’s Journey
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Thanks to everyone who helps Hands of The Carpenter provide hope through transportation! Your generosity via gifts, car donations, volunteer hours and more allow us to reach more local women in need.

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