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Jackpot on the Blacktop

Sunday, September 5th

Thank you for your interest in attending this fun event that will provide needed financial resources for Hands of The Carpenter (Hands) to serve working single moms striving to maintain employment, care for their families and keep on the road towards self-sufficiency by providing automotive services. 

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION AND SCROLL DOWN TO REGISTER. If you are unable to attend and would like to donate, click here!

Jack Pot on the Blacktop! has been designed to provide you with an enjoyable driving experience, while having the chance to win first, second, and third place prizes. Here are some important aspects of the event you need to know:

  • Check-in and Start time – Cars will gather at 9:00 a.m. (Location will be announced). Volunteers will be providing: packet pick up, 1st poker card pick up, and a morning snack. After a short gathering at 9:30 for final instructions, you will be directed to begin the Road Rally.

  • Route Guide – Each car will receive an event booklet containing a detailed guide to follow. It will be important for one person (driver) to keep their eyes on the road while another person (navigator) provides driving instructions. Participating cars will be assigned to one of two routes, mostly covering the same roads from different directions. The routes begin in Golden and will take participants through the beautiful foothills mostly in Jefferson and Gilpin counties before returning to the north metro area.

  • Poker Game and prizes – May the luck of the draw be with you!!!!
    • Each car will be competing for prizes by “playing” a simple game of FIVE CARD POKER.
    • After you pick up your Route Guide for the day, you’ll visit the first Checkpoint table to receive your game sheet and draw your first playing card. The game sheet will be used to score your hand. You will not keep the cards drawn. Up to three additional score sheets per car can be purchased for $50 each.
    • There are a total of five (5) Checkpoints including the one at Check-in and one at the final destination. At each stop, you will draw a Poker Card. If you don’t like your card, you can exchange and draw again for $20. Be sure to have your sheet stamped correctly for the card you draw and keep.

  • Registration, payment and release form – Scroll down to complete the registration form and process your $150 payment. After your registration is received a release form will be e- mailed. Please print copies of the form for each person who will be participating in the Road Rally, sign, and bring the forms to Check-in on September 4th .

  • Safety – The route directions in the booklet are designed to be clear enough to keep you on course. If it is necessary for both driver and navigator to look at route instructions, only do so after the car has been parked in a safe location off the road. It is your responsibility to enjoy the event and stay accident free.

  • Age of Driver – The minimum age for a person to drive the Road Rally route is 18. If the driver is under the age of 21, the navigator needs to be 21 or over.

  • Closing event – After all participants arrive at Bruz Beers (final destination at 67th & Pecos Street), draw their final cards, and turn in their score sheets, the event planning team will identify the winners. During the closing event (beginning at approximately 2:15 p.m), the top three winners will be announced.

  • Photos – Hands encourages participants to share photos of their drive. Your unique experiences will be put into a “slideshow” to celebrate this special day. The link to the slideshow will be send out after the event. At the event you will be instructed how to share your photos.

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For information about the event contact:
Resource Development Director,
Daniel Mondragon