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In 2018 Hands began conducting follow up contacts with clients one-to-three months after their initial services. Information was obtained confirming that the women’s indicators of self-sufficiency were being achieved:

  • 83% of Hands’ clients reported at their program enrollment that they needed a reliable car to maintain their employment. 92% of those individuals strongly agreed at the 1-month post service contact that this indicator was happening.
  • 46% indicated they needed their car in order to remain independent and safe from a past abusive relationship. 89% of these women indicated their car was providing this benefit.
  • Almost all of the women stated that having a reliable car enabled them to travel easily to the grocery store, medical/dental appointments, and to children’s activities.
  • Hands was excited to hear women’s delightful discovery that having a dependable vehicle gave them more time to engage in meaningful activities with family and friends, while eliminating hours of wasted time making connections on public transportation.
A woman stands in front of a car smiling

Thank you so much for providing a vehicle for my family and I. You all have been a big blessing in this search of a reliable car. May God bless each and every one of you for the work that you do!