Ultimately, Hands can serve more people as more people connect with and support the cause. Sharing our stories, events, and programs extends our reach. We would love if you could share about Hands with your church, small group, family, businesses, auto repair shops, or peer group. For assistance with sharing Hand’s story, please contact Daniel Mondragon at

Feel free to share about us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email newsletters, etc. The more we get the word out, the more women who will be helped.


Storytime tells the stories of single moms and widows who are helped through the Hands community. Share individual stories or just the main page. Here is a link to our Storytime page

News & Events

A great way for people to learn more about us is attending an event, like our banquet or one of the giveaways. They can also learn about the latest news of what’s going on with us. Here is a link to our News & Events page

Volunteer Opportunities

Sometimes people want to help with those less fortunate but don’t know where to start. We have a ton of different opportunities you could share with your area of influence. Here is more information about volunteering