Donate a Car

donate vehicle

Car donations to this charity give you a tax deduction and provide our organization with vehicles for single mothers or widows in need. Your car donation to our Denver charity not only gives you a tax deduction but also helps mothers and their kids get the transportation they need.  Help single mothers and widows today by donating your vehicle (including boats, RV’s and motorcycles) – running or not!

Hands will use your Denver car donation to our charity in one of two ways…

1. We may provide minor repairs to safe and reliable vehicles (if needed), then it will be provided to a single mother or widow in need.

2. If it is in need of major repairs and not safe to drive, it will be used for parts or sold with the proceeds going to provide repairs for women in need!

Call Hands at 303.526.4488 or fill out the form below to begin the process!