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get involved

We invite you to use your time, talent, and treasure to help single mothers and widows be self-sufficient. Here are ways you can help:

Donate a Vehicle

There are several ways donating a car can benefit single mothers and widows. With each vehicle donation, we carefully decide what to do with it for the maximum benefit of our clients.

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Through your charitable giving, you can help a single mom or widow be more self-sufficient. Here are some ways you can give:

  • $50/mo could provide 2 clients with needed brakes or tires
  • $250 could provide oil for 32 cars at a car clinic
  • $3,000 could buy a car for a single mom or widow

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Some people have more time than money to be able to help others. We rely on volunteers a lot with Hands. We have just a small handful of paid staff members. Here are some ways

  • Help out at one of our bi-monthly Car Care Clinics
  • Assist with planning and coordinating events and fundraisers
  • Join our Board or Wisdom Council
  • Attend Hands in Action meetings and learn how you can get involved
  • Partner with us through in-kind automobile parts and supplies, repair services, and more

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One of the reasons we’ve grown so much over the years is through our people sharing about our work with co-workers, church members, friends, family, and through social media. We couldn’t be where we are without this. For assistance with sharing Hand’s story, please contact Daniel Mondragon at

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After receiving emergency custody over my three little cousins who are 4 month, two years and 4 years, I could no longer transport everyone in my sedan (I also have three kids of my own). So it was a true blessing to receive this van. Thank you for thinking of others. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

- Bell family