Colleen – Back to Working Full-Time with a Working Car

Collen is a single parent who has lived on her own for six years. She is raising her 11-year old twin daughters on her own. As an independent contractor, Colleen ran into some financial difficulties when Covid-19 hit Colorado and businesses were shut down.

During that time, Colleen took on small jobs to continue working and to bring in funds to support her family. Unfortunately, Colleen’s vehicle was also having multiple issues at that time, and needed an extensive number of repairs that she could not afford. She wanted to be working full-time again, and was looking for a way to afford a vehicle when she was referred to Hands through Jefferson County.

We are excited to share that on March 5, 2021, Colleen was placed in a 2007 Toyota Highlander! She is so grateful to have a reliable vehicle and is now back working full-time to support her family!


Thanks to everyone who helps Hands of The Carpenter provide hope through transportation! Your generosity via gifts, car donations, volunteer hours and more allow us to reach more local women in need.

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