Frequently Asked Questions

When Applying for Hands' Automotive Services

Are you a working single mother looking for assistance with your vehicle, or a vehicle placement? We’ve created a list of common questions and answers just for you!

Hands program requirements are that you are a working single mom w/dependent child(ren), and can provide Hands with proof of income through a W2 employer or self-employment.

The answer is YES, you must provide proof that you are a valid and legal driver, and provide a copy of a current driver’s license to qualify for Hands programs.

YES. Hands is currently serving in seven counties of Metro Denver.

We accept applications and provide services in the following areas:

  • Adams County
  • Arapahoe County
  • Boulder County
  • Broomfield County
  • Denver County
  • Douglas County
  • Jefferson County

Hands offers two programs:

First step is to fill out an application. Then, after submission of your application, you will receive an email requesting additional documentation to further process your application. For example, a valid vehicle registration, and current insurance will be needed to complete your application.

Click here for further information on vehicle repair.

Click here to start your application. After submission of the application, Client Services will send a request to your email address asking for additional documents to further process your application. For example; You will be asked to provide Hands with two months proof of income from a W2 Employer or self-employment.

In addition, Hands will ask for you to send a copy of your driving record from the Colorado Motor Vehicle Division for Hands to verify if you have had a DWAI or DUI in the last two to three years. For more information on how to obtain your record, please Click here.


  • Be able to provide Hands with current and valid registration (must be registered and owned for 3 months in your name)
  • Be able to provide current insurance on the vehicle.
  • Hands is unable to rebuild or replace engines or transmissions.
  • Hands is unable to work on vehicles that have been in an accident, involved in theft or vandalized.


Important Notice:
Hands is not currently accepting applications from single mothers needing vehicles, due to the number of clients on the wait list (and a reduced number of available donated vehicles). We are still accepting new clients into the TLC Program and are providing automotive repair and maintenance services for current clients in the long-term Lift UP Program. As circumstance change, we will update this notice. Thank you for your understanding. To review information about the programs, and to access the vehicle repair in-take application, click here.

  • Be able to provide 2 months proof of working income for vehicle placement (from W-2 employer or self-employment.)
  • Be able to provide a copy of a valid and legal driver’s license.
  • Be able to provide a copy of your motor vehicle (obtain a copy at

At times, we have a very limited number of older or high mileage low-cost vehicles available for retail sale. These vehicles are best fits where you just need a year or so to fill in a gap in transportation needs and usually cost ~$2,000.


If you have read the FAQs, and meet all requirements for the program of which you are applying for, click the button below to start your application.

After submission of application has been made, please check your email inbox for additional requests for required documents. Submit all required documents to