Pricilla – Amazed by Hands’ Service!

Priscilla came in for service in March 2024. She learned about Hands through an online moms’ group where she heard a question about getting a decently priced oil change. Someone responded with information about Hands and the oil change promotion. Priscilla was thrilled to own her own car for about two years, but it was … Read more

Sarah – Transformation

All around us signs of new life are emerging as the winter gives way to spring. Sarah too has been emerging from a cold and difficult past, and with Hands’ support continues to thrive. She has had a rough journey but has turned her life around from being addicted to meth and heroin to being … Read more

Andrea – Work and Family Together

For Andrea, not having a functional vehicle meant stress regarding both her work and care for her son. Elvis, Andrea’s son, was born with a rare condition – Heterotaxy Syndrome – which causes internal organs to be misaligned and for Elvis it meant not having a spleen. He had heart surgery within days of being … Read more

Mary – Making Connections

Hands of The Carpenter (Hands) is grateful to the many community partners that refer single moms for automotive services. We work together for the benefit of the women. One of those partners is Work Life Partnership. Work Life connect employees with the resources they need to overcome life’s many obstacles, all while providing client companies … Read more

Destina – Seasons of Growth

Destina is a working single mom with three children. She has lived her whole life in the Denver area and is now in her mid-20’s. The last few years have been challenging and a time of new growth. She notes, “I was in a not so good relationship from a pretty young age, I was … Read more

Jessica – Hands Said “Yes”!

Jessica is a single mom of two high school teenage boys. Her oldest, who recently turned 18, has dealt with various mental health struggles, which has been a constant concern for quite a few years. Jessica works with a commercial lighting company, where she has been for the past seven years. She provides customer service … Read more

Arleen – Good Timing

At Hands, we believe in serendipity and the power of community support. Arleen mentioned to a friend that she was searching for a reliable mechanic. Her friend, having had a positive experience donating a car to Hands, recommended she get in touch. Trusting this referral, Arleen reached out, and our team of technicians took a … Read more

Ruth – A Loving Life-Giver

Today, we bring you a heartwarming story of resilience, faith, and the power of community support. Meet Ruth – not just any employee at Littleton Public School (LPS), but a beacon of hope for many children with medical needs and disabilities. As a paraprofessional, she has devoted her life to these children, ensuring they never … Read more

Amber – Happy Tears

Amber came to Hands of The Carpenter (Hands) through a referral from nonprofit partner, Bridge of Hope (BOH), as she was putting her life together after leaving a bad relationship, ended up homeless, and was sleeping in her vehicle. She is a sweet young woman with such a light of hope in her eyes. She … Read more