Tameka – Furthering Her Career

Tameka is a single parent to a 16-year-old son still at home and helping with several grandchildren. She is a busy woman keeping up with a teenager and working full-time. To further her career, Tameka applied earlier this year for a college scholarship and was able to obtain $4,000 for the first year attending Western … Read more

Danae – Excited to Be Part of Hands

Danae - Single Mom

Danae is a single mom raising 5 children on her own from the ages of 2 years to 15 years old. Danae’s experiences as a child led her to help others in need. One incredible example is that she chose to foster two children, and raise them alongside with her own three children. But transportation … Read more

Jeanette – One Thing After Another

A woman is standing next to her car

At times it seems that when one thing goes wrong soon other negative situations occur. For Jeanette the opposite was true. Jeanette is a single mother of two boys who works in food service at a senior care facility. Unfortunately, in 2019 she experienced a divorce, but from that point she has made decisions that … Read more

Katherine – A Breath of Fresh Air


Katherine was referred to Hands from one of our referral agencies in January, 2021. She was so excited to hear that she was approved for the vehicle placement program. Katherine provides and cares for her 4-year-old son while working full time at a department store. As a parent, priorities change in your life and now … Read more