Become a Hands "Champion"

Today, hundreds of single mothers here in the Denver area
did not have to wake themselves and their children hours early to catch one bus in the cold for drop off at childcare or school and get on a second bus to arrive at work on time. They had a working car to stay on the road now and to build a brighter future for themselves and their families. This practical, life-changing, and everyday reality was made possible by a community of Hands of The Carpenter Champions. Learn more about joining us and making a difference today!

Hands of The Carpenter (Hands) is a caring community of diverse individuals and organizations dedicated to providing help and HOPE with and for single women in need striving for economic self-sufficiency. Unreliable vehicles threaten their ability to get to work, provide for their children, and causes overwhelming fear and frustration. 

When women’s cars are broken, we fix them. When they’re beyond repair or the women don’t own one, we find cars for them. Hands is the only organization in the area consistently and comprehensively offering these services. Through financial gifts and active involvement, the Hands community of Champions (staff, volunteers, and engaged organizational and individual contributors) enables women’s initial car issues to be addressed and for their vehicles to be maintained and repaired for up to two years. 

The result of this good work – the women’s financial success – occurs as people champion this cause. Is this your call to answer today? Financial gifts and active involvement (fuel) provided by Hands Champions are vital in the fulfillment of the organization’s vision: to serve single women in need by removing obstacles that prevent them from becoming economically self-sufficient. Without Hands, single women will continue to be in danger of a downward spiral from the loss of jobs to becoming homeless as a result of unreliable transportation.

Hands Champions respond to a heartfelt personal calling to make a difference in the world, especially by being of service to others in need, which stems from a variety of motivations (faith, humanitarian, philanthropic, social justice, etc.) We believe in single women’s ability, desires, and efforts to make a better life for themselves and their families. We have faith that with community involvement women who have struggled, but want to succeed, can do so.