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Car troubles can occur unexpectedly and create stressful and expensive challenges. The TLC (Transportation @Low Cost) Program is the entry point to services offered by Hands of The Carpenter for working single mothers who are the sole providers of their households and care for their dependents on their own. The aim of this program is to provide much-needed automotive services at a greatly reduced cost as quickly as possible. Program participants only pay 50% of what the services would cost elsewhere. After participating in the TLC Program, clients may be invited to apply for the Lift UP (Upward Progress) Program. To learn more about the Lift UP Program click here.

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Process to enter the program:

Read all of the information below and in the blue section to understand the program’s purpose, limitations, criteria and process for entry, and connection to Hands’ long-term service program

The TLC Program has three components:

  1. Vehicle Assessment for repairs are conducted prior to automotive repairs on a client’s vehicle and a full recommendation of assessment is provided to the client. 

  2. Vehicle Repairs: Hands provides a First-time Repair to address issues needing immediate attention for safety and reliability. 

  3. Vehicle Acquisition – TLC Program: A limited number of cars that have been donated to Hands are available for approved clients needing a very low-cost vehicle that will be reliable and safe on the road short term.
Two mechanics work on the engine of a car in the garage

Types of TLC Program Repairs

  • Our main focus is the safety and longevity of the vehicle 
  • Hands of The Carpenter does not do the following repairs through the program:
    • Rebuild or replace transmissions 
    • Rebuild or replace engines 
    • Repairs and vehicle damages that are a result of an accident or vandalism 
    • Make repairs on vehicles with an ignition interlock device or breath alcohol ignition interlock device (IID and BAIID) 
    • Repairs that exceed the vehicle’s value 
    • Known vehicle manufacturer’s design defects cause significant issues that can hinder the viability of a reliable vehicle and are documented to constantly fail in certain vehicle’s makes and models.

Program Requirements

Hands of The Carpenter provides Automotive Repairs in two locations:

  • Hands West at 16097 S. Golden, Road, Golden, CO 80401
  • Hands East at 10401 E. Idaho Place, Aurora, CO 80247

*Applicant Requirements:

*For program qualification purposes, a single woman is someone who identifies as a woman and is financially supporting herself; who is caring for dependents on her own; is a widow; is separated from her spouse but not divorced; is divorced; (a single person may share a living space with roommate(s) who each maintain separate financial responsibility). She may be dating (but not living with) a partner and would still be eligible for the Hands program.

For vehicle repair:

Applicants must be a working single woman with dependent children residing in the counties listed below:

  • Adams County
  • Arapahoe County
  • Boulder County
  • Broomfield County
  • Denver County
  • Douglas County
  • Jefferson County
Applicants must be valid legal drivers, and must be able to prove it with the following documents:
  • Current valid driver’s license
  • Current and valid vehicle registration (Must be registered in client’s name)
  • Current and covered insurance

Vehicle Ownership Requirement:

  • Currently we ask that the client has owned the vehicle for at least three months and are on the registration

Type of Vehicle Requirements:

  • Vehicles less than 20 years old
  • Non–luxury, Non-sport

For vehicle replacement

  • Hands’ Vehicle Placement Programs (Lift UP and TLC) is not currently accepting applications from single mothers needing vehicles, due to the number of clients on the wait list (and a reduced number of available donated vehicles). We are still accepting new clients into the TLC Program and are providing automotive repair and maintenance services for current clients in the long-term Lift UP Program. As circumstance change, we will update this notice. Thank you for your understanding.
  • At times, we have a very limited number of older or high mileage low-cost vehicles available for retail sale. These vehicles are best fits where you just need a year or so to fill in a gap in transportation needs and usually cost ~$2,000.
Vehicle Placement requirements for TLC or LIFT UP Program:
  • Be able to provide 2 months proof of working income for vehicle placement (from W-2 employer or self-employment.)
  • Be able to provide a copy of a valid and legal driver’s license.
  • Be able to provide a copy of your motor vehicle (obtain a copy at

TLC Program Payment Details

Hands’ Vehicle Repair Program is not free:

  • An initial vehicle assessment and condition report will be provided to each applicant. 
  • Currently we require the client to pay 50% of the cost of Total Authorized Repairs, tires, batteries, towing, or acquisition of a vehicle (vehicle purchases include sales tax.) 
  • Payment for authorized services is due at the time of vehicle pick up. 
  • Vehicles cannot be released until payment is made.

Process to Enter the Hands TLC Program

Read all of the information here to understand the program’s purpose, limitations, criteria and process for entry, and connection to Hands’ long-term service program


Click on the button below to begin the application process, which includes answering a series of questions to determine your eligibility for services. (information about you, your family, your current situation, and your vehicle and its current condition)

Send in Documents

If you complete the application successfully, you will receive instructions on how to send in
(1) copy of driver’s license,
(2) car registration and
(3) proof of insurance

Phone Conversation

Phone conversation with a Hands’ Client Services Representative to confirm information provided and discuss the possible next steps, which may include:

- Scheduling a vehicle assessment to determine if a one-time repair will be conducted or if other options will be offered
- Discussion about acquiring a short-term reliable vehicle
- Invitation to apply for Lift UP Program (2-3 years of automotive services)
- Denial to enter Hands’ programs

Apply Now for the TLC Program

Please check to see if we are accepting applications in your zip code by Clicking here. If you are not in the residing area of where we are accepting applications, we are unable to serve you unless you are a referral from one of our existing nonprofit partners.