Andrea – Work and Family Together

For Andrea, not having a functional vehicle meant stress regarding both her work and care for her son. Elvis, Andrea’s son, was born with a rare condition – Heterotaxy Syndrome – which causes internal organs to be misaligned and for Elvis it meant not having a spleen. He had heart surgery within days of being born, then at age 2 and 3. Andrea was able to go through the process of officially becoming his caregiver and is earning a paycheck from a local community services agency with support from Medicaid. The unreliability of her former car caused considerable stress, expensive repairs, and wasted time. Andrea spent over $1400 to repair the vehicle’s brakes that had fully gone out only to still have problems after. Because of that, and a significant coolant leak that caused overheating if she didn’t constantly buy fluids, Andrea only drove short distances using side roads. When emergencies came up with Elvis’ health and she had to get him to an emergency room, she would have to pay a rideshare company or even rent a car for times when she needed to take him to various medical facilities over several days.

Relief came for Andrea when she was referred to Hands from the agency with whom she was employed. The automotive team quickly determined the vehicle was not worth saving and happened to have three cars ready for placement. Andrea selected a 2015 Ford Escape because it was similar to cars she previously owned.

In many respects Elvis is a typical 4th grader, able to enjoy riding his bike, playing Minecraft, and hanging out with friends. He loves their new car, is helping to keep it clean, and won’t even eat in it! Hands’ services have made this “normal” life possible for them by being able to do little things like transport the bike to a friend’s house, while also having to deal with pressures from Elvis’ health concerns. Andrea notes that the practical support along with the kindness and caring shown to her by the staff at Hands East has made all the difference for her family and her life-saving work with her son.

She was overwhelmed with gratitude stating that she “feels like it’s too good to be true” and that things like this just don’t happen to her. She exclaimed, “Hands is on my side!”


Thanks to everyone who helps Hands of The Carpenter provide hope through transportation! Your generosity via gifts, car donations, volunteer hours and more allow us to reach more local women in need.

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