About Hands of The Carpenter

Hands of The Carpenter (Hands) is a faith-based nonprofit community that uniquely serves working single moms by addressing the often overlooked issue of transportation. Hands provides automobile placement, repair and maintenance in an effort to relieve the enormous financial burden and related distress that automobile repair puts on this population and their opportunity for economic self-sufficiency.

Hands offers hope to single women with dependent children, while providing automobile services, partnering in their efforts to be employed and pursue economic self-sufficiency.

Service with Passion and Humility
Purposeful stewardship of resources (time, finances, in-kind gifts, partnerships)
Integrity, honesty and respect for all

Our Story

In April 2003 CEO/founder Dan Georgopulos, his wife Brenda, and key leaders established Hands of The Carpenter (Hands). After hearing stories of abuse, potential homelessness, death of a spouse, etc. – the types of events that cause women to be financially vulnerable – Dan decided to create Hands to provide assistance. The women they served spoke about their fear of losing jobs if they couldn’t get their children to school and themselves to work. The team learned that a focused effort on automotive services was needed. Hands was launched in order to provide timely services by qualified technicians for women needing safe and reliable transportation to achieve self-sufficiency and independence. 

Over the course of nearly two decades of serving, Hands has adapted to changing needs of the women we get to serve, the way we do it and the “when”.  Owning a vehicle is expensive and at the wrong time, it can be a burden.  At the right time, it can unlock opportunity.  Hands grows partnerships with other organizations assisting the same group (in different ways).  Hands partners with automotive related businesses to expand our capacity to serve.  Hands utilizes traditional and non-traditional (like impact investments and car donations) fundraising efforts to join together as what is now called the “Hands Community”.   This diverse community of businesses, churches, nonprofits, individuals, civic groups, foundations (and others) work together to provide both HOPE and practical assistance.

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“My father died of polio, one month after my first birthday, so I have no memories of him. I do, however, have vivid memories of my mother trying to raise two kids as a single mom. I went to five different elementary schools in six years, because each time the rent went up, we moved. I spent high school years in a house trailer that gave the three of us less than 400 square feet of living space. And I remember my fury at unscrupulous salesmen who talked my mother into paying for unnecessary auto repairs, or buying cars with odometers that had obviously been tampered with. Once, she agreed to a complete engine replacement when she could have bought a used car for less money. My brother and I protested, but what do kids know compared to a slick salesman? 

These memories have made me a loyal donor to Hands of The Carpenter. I know from personal experience what it means for single moms to have reliable transportation and, more, a place they can trust. Each time I hear about Hands helping a single mom repair or obtain a car, I think back to my childhood, wondering what difference it might have made for my own mother to receive a gift like that. God bless you in your important work.”

Hands’ Program Components

Hands delivers services through our TLC and Lift UP Programs, which focus on providing vehicle-related services for the working single mothers who are in need to prevent or solve vehicle crisis issues.

TLC Program

Hands of The Carpenter provides vehicle-related services for single mothers with dependent children. Our goal is to remove the obstacle that unreliable transportation presents as women strive to maintain jobs and/or training, care for their families, and be self-sufficient.

Lift UP Program

The Lift UP (Upward Progress) Program provides long-term automotive services for up to three years. Entry to the Lift UP program is through the TLC program.

Get Involved Today!

When women’s cars are broken, we fix them. When they’re beyond repair or the women don’t own one, we find cars for them. Hands is the only organization in the area consistently and comprehensively offering these services. Through financial gifts and active involvement, the Hands community of Champions (staff, volunteers, and engaged organizational and individual contributors) enables women’s initial car issues to be addressed and for their vehicles to be maintained and repaired for up to three years.