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Automobile Repair: 

With the help of our social enterprise business, Hands Automotive, and other automotive partners and parts suppliers, Hands provides necessary repairs for our clients. Honest, high-quality repairs enable single mothers and widows to maintain safe, reliable transportation allowing them to maintain a job and get their children to school. 

Hands offers one-time repairs to meet immediate needs and to achieve or maintain self-sufficiency by preventing job loss.

Hands offers some clients a partnership for two years.  in those two years, Hands commits to provide all of the mainteannce, repair and education for the women who will commit themselves to the program.

Automobile Maintenance: 

Through Car Care Clinics, routine maintenance for vehicles is provided. The clinics, which are held at a variety of locations, help maintain vehicles and prevent costly repairs. The clinics also offer basic auto maintenance education and hands-on experience in performing their own maintenance when possible.

The only requirement for those attending a car care clinic is to RSVP and bring an oil filter.  The time, and all other materials (including the oil, conditioners and food/drink) are donated.


The expected results from these programs are very real and practical - that the repairs and maintenance provided will help make it possible to live self-sufficiently.  In addition to the pracical repairs, the help provided offer a sense of hope and trust to those served.